NPR logo Obama Postpones Asia Trip; Health Vote Likely Sunday

Obama Postpones Asia Trip; Health Vote Likely Sunday

President Barack Obama has put off until June a trip to Asia that he was to begin on Sunday, NPR has confirmed.

He had already postponed his departure once, by a few days, in order to be in Washington for the final push for the health care overhaul package he and his fellow Democrats want to see voted on by Congress in coming days.

The trip, when it does happen, will take the president to Guam, Australia and Indonesia (where he spent several years as a young boy).

Update at 1:08 p.m. ET: At the White House a moment ago, spokesman Robert Gibbs said that even though the House may vote on the health care legislation on Sunday, the president still needed to postpone the trip because "unless we took off extremely early in the afternoon on Sunday, it wasn't going to be possible to do." And the White House didn't want to be in the position of waiting until Sunday and then giving the governments of Australia and Indonesia too little notice of a postponement.