NPR logo Toyota Not Alone In Unintended Speed Complaints

Toyota Not Alone In Unintended Speed Complaints

Sudden unintended acceleration in cars is a problem that goes extends to other auto manufacturers beyond Toyota, according to NPR's Robert Benincasa who's on our investigation team.

He dug into federal data, examining about 15,000 complaints going back to the 1990 model year, and found that owners of cars by other makers also reported they had the experienced unintentional acceleration.

Robert discussed what he found with All Things Considered host Michele Norris. A sample:

ROBERT: In the 2008 model year, Volkswagens had a high rate of complaint. Hondas in the early part of the decade had a relatively high rate of complaints. And then in 2004 they seemed to have fixed something and the complaints dropped...

... One interesting case is Volvo. In the early part of the decade, they had a significant rate of complaints. They had a recall and they fixed some of their electronics and some of the other issues. And then in the past several years, they've had a very low rate of complaints."

You can listen to the whole conversation below: