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Videos: Massa's Explanations

For those trying to follow the story of former congressman Eric Massa, D-N.Y. — who left office Monday under a cloud because of allegations that he had groped some male aides, but who claims he's been forced out by Democratic leaders because he doesn't support their plans for overhauling health care — his appearances last night on Fox News Channel's Glenn Beck Show and CNN's Larry King Live may not have brought much clarity.

As Gannett News Service reports, Massa disputed the groping charges. But, when "King asked Massa about the various reasons he's given for leaving — a recurrence of cancer, a House ethics committee investigation of his conduct toward aides, problems with Democratic leaders — Massa answered, 'all the above, Larry.' ... 'You can't tell the whole story about why I am leaving in sound-bites,' Massa said."

Here are video clips from Massa's appearance on King:

And Beck: