NPR logo British Ambassador Survives Suicide Bomb Attack In Yemen


British Ambassador Survives Suicide Bomb Attack In Yemen

Britain's ambassador to Yemen survived an attack today by a suicide bomber who appeared to target the diplomat's convoy.

The Associated Press says Ambassador Timothy Torlot "narrowly escaped" injury or worse. According to the BBC, "Torlot is safe, U.K. officials confirmed. One person — believed to be the attacker — was killed, say Yemeni security sources."

Britain has closed its embassy.

It all happened in the eastern part of San'a, Yemen's capital.

As the AP says:

"Yemen has been embroiled in a war against the al-Qaida militants, who have threatened to target foreign interests and diplomatic missions. Earlier this year, a number of Western embassies, including the U.S. and British embassies, shut down for days in response to threats of attack by an al-Qaida offshoot in Yemen.

"Meanwhile, the government has received increased foreign counter-terror aid, aiming to fight the group."

Torlot, 52, has been the U.K.'s ambassador in Yemen since July 2007. In previous years, he served in Iraq, Chile, Oman and other nations.