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'Fatso Gene' Linked To Alzheimer's

A gene known as the "fatso gene" because researchers have found a correlation between it and the conditions of overweight or obesity in many of those who carry it may also make people more susceptible to Alzheimer's Disease, according to researchers. This is apparently one bad-news gene which more than a third of Americans reportedly possess.

As Reuters reports:

People with a specific variant of the fat mass and obesity gene, or FTO gene, have brain deficits that could make them more vulnerable to the mind-robbing disease.

Here's the killer quote:

"The basic result is that this very prevalent gene not only adds an inch to your waistline, but makes your brain look 16 years older," said Paul Thompson, a professor of neurology at the University of California Los Angeles, who worked on the study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences...

... The study compared brain scans of more than 200 people and found consistently less tissue in the brains of people who carry the "bad" version of the FTO gene compared to non-carriers.