NPR logo BP Has Another Setback In Oil-Spill Fight

BP Has Another Setback In Oil-Spill Fight

BP's plight is starting to resemble the song Ray Charles sang with the lyrics: "It it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all."

The energy giant had another setback Sunday in attempting to divert oil from the gushing underwater well in the Gulf of Mexico to a ship on the surface. The mile-long tube it "successfully" placed in the pipe the oil is flowing was dislodged.

As NPR's Elizabeth Shogren reported for the network's newscast:

BP officials say they successfully inserted a new pipe into the broken pipe spewing oil into the gulf of Mexico. And that new pipe started sending oil to a ship on the surface.

But just moments later, two remotely operated robots crashed into each other and knocked the pipes partially apart. Theses robots were taking photos of the operation.

BP spokesman Glenn DaGian says engineers estimate it will take about nine hours to fix the problem. DaGian says despite the debacle. BP was able to prove that their latest effort to fix the well was working...however briefly.