NPR logo Judge Orders Hutaree Militia Members Released On Bond


Judge Orders Hutaree Militia Members Released On Bond

Nine members of the Hutaree militia group who were arrested in March were just ordered to be released on bond by a federal judge, the Detroit Free Press reports. The newspaper writes that:

"The United States is correct that it need not wait until people are killed before it arrests conspirators," U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts said in a decision this morning. "But, the Defendants are also correct: their right to engage in hate-filled, venomous speech, is a right that deserves First Amendment protection."

The Detroit News says "the ruling could be appealed, delaying the release of the nine."

The militia members have been accused by authorities of plotting to "wage war against the government." They allegedly discussed killing a police officer, then attacking the funeral procession in a bid to start some sort of anti-government war. Most of the arrests were made in Michigan. Raids were also conducted in Indiana and Ohio.

The judge said that while free on bond, the militia members must remain under house arrest and wear electronic monitors. They also can't purchase or carry guns.

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