NPR logo Times Sq Suspect Got Bomb Training In Pakistan: Justice


Times Sq Suspect Got Bomb Training In Pakistan: Justice

The Justice Department has released its criminal complaint against Faisal Shahzad, the U.S. citizen of Pakistani origin who is a suspect in the failed car bombing attack on New York City's Times Square.

Among the details that jump out: Shahzad told authorities he received "bomb-making training" in Wazirstan, Pakistan.

Shahzad also received calls from Pakistan on a pre-paid cellular phone in April either before or after he purchased the Nissan Pathfinder (the document in one place says the calls came before, in another place, after) in which law enforcement authorities found the bomb which failed to explode Saturday.

Those two facts in the charging document, which contains five counts, would seem to argue against what Shahzad reportedly told law enforcement officials, that he alone was behind the bomb attempt.

According to the document, when he was in the process of negotiating the purchase of the Pathfinder SUV, Shahzad called the seller to ask when the vehicle had its last oil change. That seems an odd question for an alleged bomber to ask about a vehicle meant to be a car bomb although it might be the kind of question someone would ask if he wanted to avoid arousing suspicion.