NPR logo Arkansas Flood Update: At Least 20 Dead

Arkansas Flood Update: At Least 20 Dead

The death toll from the flash flood tragedy in southwestern Arkansas has grown to at least 20 people with dozens of people missing.

As we reported earlier, heavy overnight rain caused severe flooding of the Little Missouri and Caddo rivers, with the river levels rising to more than 20 feet over normal. The affected area is about 95 miles west of Little Rock.

The flooding destroyed campgrounds in the Ouatchita National Forest. Campers, hikers and residents are feared among the dead and missing.

Local authorities are using at least one refrigerated truck as a mobile morgue.

The Arkansas Online news web site is covering the rescue and recovery efforts. It describes a very grim scene.

An excerpt:

About 30 people have been rescued so far, including a woman pulled from the Caddo River near Amity.

But the tragic toll was evident at the site of the worst flooding, with body bags lining the river at the campgrounds where dozens were vacationing.