NPR logo Seattle Police Officer Proves It's Folly To Shove A Cop


Seattle Police Officer Proves It's Folly To Shove A Cop


The story of the Seattle police officer who on Monday punched a 19-year old woman in the face after she shoved him during a jaywalking stop is drawing much national attention. In part, that's because the incident was captured on video and has gone viral on YouTube.

Because the young woman who pushed the officer is African-American and the officer white, the case has taken on the obligatory racial element, with some blacks saying race was an issue.

Who knows? Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. It could have just as easily been racial on her part as his.

What's certain, however, is that it's almost invariably a bad idea to lay one's hands on a police officer. Nothing good can come from that.

Better to say, politely, "Yes, officer, you're right. I was jaywalking. I'll never, ever do it again."

Yes, that's called fibbing. But most reasonable people would probably agree that a small lie is better than having a police officer hit you with a hard right and then arrest you.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has plenty of details on the incident and the aftermath.