Haley Wins In South Carolina; McChrystal To Visit Obama : The Two-Way South Carolina election results; Gen. McChrystal to see President Obama; Lincoln's errant general; judge who overturned deepwater drilling moratorium has oil investments; Prince Albert to marry.
NPR logo Haley Wins In South Carolina; McChrystal To Visit Obama

Haley Wins In South Carolina; McChrystal To Visit Obama

Perhaps the most startling stories are from South Carolina, where state senator Nikki Haley soundly beat run-off opponent U.S. Congressman Gresham Barrett, 65% to 35%.  Haley faced charges of adultery, and ethnic slurs and questions about her religion during the race.

The winner in the GOP contest in South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District is state lawmaker Tim Scott, an African-American who defeated Paul Thurmond, son of the late Republican Senator, (and former segregationist) Strom Thurmond.   Both candidates received support from tea party activists.

NPR’s Mara Liasson wraps up other primary run-off races, today on Morning Edition, including incumbent South Carolina Congressman Bob Ingliss’ loss to prosecutor Trey Growdy.


Observers wonder whether he’ll keep his job or get cashiered.  The Rolling Stone profile by Michael Hastings is frank and profane, and does not endear McChrystal to anyone.  But Hastings’ article provokes these questions:  what, exactly, is President Obama trying to accomplish in Afghanistan? If he aims to creating a stable, quiet democracy by forcing back the Taliban, McChrystal perfectly embodies this approach, as Politico points out.

The British paper, the Telegraph, is infurated with the article’s view that the US doesn’t really have allies in Afghanistan:

“That’s right. We don’t exist. The 10,000 British service personnel in Helmand who have been taking the heaviest casualties of any country other than the US appear to have vanished.”


Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin notes in today's New York Times the Civil War President tolerated upsetting behavior by General George McClellan, provided the war was going well.  McClellan referred to Lincoln as “the original gorilla”.

Web readers are firing off their views.  The Washington Post has more than 3,500 comments on the McChrystal matter.


The Associated Press reports U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman, who yesterday struck down the Interior Department’s ban on deepwater oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico had investments in the oil and gas industry – at least for the reporting period on his 2008 financial disclosure form.  One of those investments was in Transocean Ltd., which owned the doomed Deepwater Horizon.  However, AP notes it’s not clear that Judge Feldman retains Transcoean shares or whether he’s sold them.


Oh - and don't hold your breath waiting for the future King of England to propose to his girlfriend.  Perpetual bachelor Prince Albert of Monaco is engaged to be wed to South African Charlene Wittstock, a former Olympic swimmer.