NPR logo Iowa's Obama, Hitler, Lenin Billboard Disappears


Iowa's Obama, Hitler, Lenin Billboard Disappears

Word comes from Iowa Wednesday that the controversial Mason City billboard claimed by some Tea Party members that depicted President Barack Obama in an unholy trinity including Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin has been obliterated.

The Associated Press reports:

An Iowa tea party group on Wednesday replaced a billboard comparing President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin, calling the sign a bad decision that reflected poorly on the organization.

Workers papered over the sign in downtown Mason City at the request of the North Iowa Tea Party.

"We got it covered up first thing this morning," said Kent Beatty, the general manager of the company that owns the billboard.

The billboard had caused disagreement in the Tea Party ranks with some members saying it was a distraction that also gave those outside the movement a mistaken impression of who Tea Party members are and what they stand for.