NPR logo Scientists Try Getting To Bottom Of Sitting

Scientists Try Getting To Bottom Of Sitting

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How much sitting is too much?

If you're a blogger, you don't even need to ask. However much you sit, it's way too much.

But considering humans have been sitting for, oh, four million years or so if not longer, scientists apparently don't know some key information about the whole sitting thing. For instance, that opening question, how much sitting is too much is still an open one, evidently.

But scientists meeting on the Stanford University campus are trying to get to the bottom of the matter, so to speak.

We assume if they're sitting during presentations, they're at least self-conscious about it.

From the Associated Press:

PALO ALTO, Calif. (AP) - Scientists and health experts aregathered in California at Stanford University to discuss the dangers of sitting.

Although much of the research into the health risks is preliminary, several studies suggest that people who spend prolonged periods on their behind are more likely to be overweight, have heart disease or even die.

The goal of the two-day conference that started Thursday in Palo Alto is to discuss the existing science on the topic and what research is still needed.

Experts hope that with more research and discussion, policymakers will eventually be able to issue guidelines about how much time in a seat is too much.

For now, scientists are encouraging people to take breaks and move around more.

I think I'll get up to stretch my legs.