BP Gets 24 More Hours To Test Cap : The Two-Way There is some evidence that oil is seeping.
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BP Gets 24 More Hours To Test Cap

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Sean Gardner/Getty Images North America

The National Incident Commander for the Deepwater Horizon Unified Command has given BP permission to continue testing a containment cap on the blown-out well in the Gulf of Mexico, despite signs that some oil may be seeping through the ocean floor.

"I authorized BP to continue the integrity test for another 24 hours and I restated our firm position that this test will only continue if they continue to meet their obligations to rigorously monitor for any signs that this test could worsen the overall situation," Thad Allen said.

Yesterday, he sent a letter to BP, "stating that there were a number of unanswered questions about the monitoring systems they committed to as a condition of the US government extending the well integrity test." (You can read the letter after the jump.)

After a conference call between BP and federal scientists, "the federal science team got the answers they were seeking and the commitment from BP to meet their monitoring and notification obligations," Allen said.