Static Kill Testing Still On Hold : The Two-Way BP tests broken pipeline for static kill; Israel Lebanon border clash; Tropical Storm Colin forms; Bill Cosby is Not Dead
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Static Kill Testing Still On Hold

BP is fixing a "small hydraulic leak" on the broken oil well in the Gulf.  When that's repaired, crews will test the pipe to gauge the success of a "static kill" - pumping the pipe with mud to block it for good. Oh, and btw, Incident Commander Thad Allen dropped this little item last night: the government estimates 53,000 barrels of oil leaked daily from the well just before it was capped. That's approximately 2,226,000 gallons every day. For those of you familiar with my math errors, I used this online calculator.


Update at 8:20 am:

There are reports of casualties in the fighting which apparently escalated to shelling. The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon could not confirm injuries or deaths but released this statement:

There has been an exchange of fire between the Lebanese army and the Israeli army along the Blue Line in the general area of El Adeisse. UNIFIL peacekeepers are in the area and are trying to ascertain the circumstances of the incident and any possible casualties. Our immediate priority at this time is to restore calm in the area. UNIFIL Acting Force Commander Brigadier General Santi Bonfanti is in contact with the command of both LAF and IDF urging maximum restraint.

There are reports of shooting from several news agencies.  There are no reliable reports of casualties or what triggered the firefight.


The National Hurricane Center says the third storm of the Atlantic season has top winds of 40 miles per hour.  Colin is expected to swing north and parallel the eastern US coast, posing no threat to the Gulf of Mexico or oil cleanup work.


Comedian Bill Cosby phoned in to CNN's Kyra Phillips last night on "Larry King Live" to announce yet again he's very much alive. False rumors of his demise appeared earlier this year, leading one site to suggest hackers could be using these rumors to plant malware.  In February, Cosby faced news of his death with this announcement: "As you well know, a dead person cannot rebuttal. Therefore, I am rebuttaling to tell you that when I heard the news I immediately began rebuttaling and went into denial. My wife has just informed me that there is no such word as rebuttaling, she says the word is rebutting. But I don't care, because I'm alive!"