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Obama Administration To Appeal Stem-Cell Ruling

A researcher with trays of human embryonic stem cells at the University of Michigan. Paul Sancya/AP hide caption

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Paul Sancya/AP

The Obama Administration will appeal a federal judge's ruling that it's illegal for the federal government to fund embryonic stem cell research.

NPR's Carrie Johnson reported the following for our radio network's newscast:

Justice department lawyers will ask an appeals court in Washington to overturn a temporary ban on federal funding for human embryo projects.

A judge on Monday imposed a preliminary injunction on the government and concluded that two researchers challenging the Obama stem-cell policy stood a good chance of success as the case moved ahead in the courts.

The ruling by (U.S. District) Judge Royce Lamberth threw the research community into chaos.

Scientists have been struggling to understand the implications of a funding stoppage.

Now the administration says it will seek to lift the preliminary injunction while it appeals Lamberth's ruling.

to a higher court.