NPR logo BBC Reporter Not Amused By Anchor's Preemptive Strike


BBC Reporter Not Amused By Anchor's Preemptive Strike

Ah, the joys of live radio.

Hugh Sykes, a BBC foreign correspondent in Baghdad, was clearly miffed on the air after an anchor, or presenter as the Brits call them, essentially provided the audience with all the pertinent details of the recent bombing at a police recruiting center in that city, leaving little for the reporter to add.

ANCHOR: "We can speak now to the BBC's Hugh Sykes who is in Baghdad. Any claims of responsibility yet?


ANCHOR: And what is that situation as you now understand it at that recruiting center. Where are the wounded?

SYKES: They're in hospital.

ANCHOR: (Noticeable pause) Right. Did you want to go any further?

SYKES: You've stolen my thunder by (Sykes gets a little tongue-tied for a second) saying almost everything I know about it in your introduction. (nervous laughter.)

ANCHOR: I'm very sorry about that Hugh.

SYKES: And all of that is what I wrote in a dispatch to the BBC earlier in the day. So it's now going around in circles.