NPR logo Gov. Jan Brewer Freezes In Arizona Desert


Gov. Jan Brewer Freezes In Arizona Desert


It's rare to see a politician freeze up during his or her canned debate opening or closing. Politicians typically hone these parts of their debate prep because they don't often get what amounts to a free TV commercial to promote their candidacies.

Which is why it was so remarkable to see video of Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer experiencing a severe case of brain fade as she delivered her opening statement in a broadcast debate that included Democrat Terry Goddard, the state's attorney general.

The high-profile flub may not keep her from retaining the governor's office. Most people can probably relate to what was, after all, a very human moment. On Thursday Brewer called her freeze-up the longest 16 seconds in her life.

And her support of SB 1070, the anti-illegal immigrant law, makes her very popular in the state.

But it certainly doesn't help make her case, to say the least.

Going forward, when a campaign manager wants to put the fear of God in his candidate when it comes to debate prep, all he need do is show this video.