NPR logo Police Release Scientist Who Unwittingly Caused Miami Airport Alert


Police Release Scientist Who Unwittingly Caused Miami Airport Alert

A Miami-Dade bomb squad truck leaves Miami International Airport in Miami, Friday, Sept. 3, 2010. Alan Diaz/Associated Press hide caption

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Alan Diaz/Associated Press

Authorities released that 70-year old scientist whose metal scientific experiment canister, wrongly suspected of being a bomb, shut down Miami International Airport late Thursday and into the wee hours Friday.

Fortunately for the scientist, authorities didn't provide his name since he was deemed an innocent victim of airport security.

But unfortunately for the same scientist, enough information was released so that someone could probably come up with his identity with enough Googling.

An excerpt from an Associated Press report:

Neither the professor's name nor his itinerary has been released. The man is an American citizen and was "very cooperative," FBI agent Michael Leverock said at a news conference in Miami.

That official said the man has a prior arrest record related to biological material and is a professor at Ross University in Dominica on a teaching assignment in Saudi Arabia. The professor told law enforcement that the metal canister was used for medical testing, and the FBI found that it was used to transport dead bacteria samples, the official said.