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Iraqi Kills 2 U.S. Soldiers, Wounds 9

An Iraqi soldier, part of a patrol in Baghdad on September 6, 2010, a day before another uniformed Iraqi turned his weapon on U.S. solders, killing two and wounding 9. ALI AL-SAADI/AFP hide caption

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A deadly attack against U.S. troops in Iraq Tuesday underscores the risk that still faces Americans there despite the end of combat operations.

An Iraqi dressed in a soldier's uniform shot and killed two U.S. soldiers and wounded nine, according to news reports.

The Associated Press reports:

BAGHDAD (AP) - According to an Iraqi police chief, today's fatalshooting of two U.S. troops by an Iraqi soldier followed anargument at an Iraqi army compound.

They were the first American servicemen killed since the U.S.declared an official end to combat operations in the country last week.

The Americans were providing security for a U.S. commander who was meeting with Iraqi forces at the compound when the Iraqi opened fire.

A military statement says nine other U.S. soldiers were wounded. The gunman was shot and killed.

This attack highlights the point many critics were making as the Obama Administration marked what it called the end of combat operations, that Iraq remains a dangerous place for troops providing force protection to their units or civilians.

Clearly a nerve racking event for U.S. troops who have to wonder anew about their security when in the presence of armed Iraqi troops or police.