NPR logo Preacher Offers Deal: May Spare Qurans If No NY Islamic Center


Preacher Offers Deal: May Spare Qurans If No NY Islamic Center

NPR's Greg Allen reports that the would-be Quran-burning preacher in Gainesville, Fla., is offering a quid pro quo, according to the Islamic cleric who met with the preacher Wednesday and was to meet with him again on Thursday.

Terry Jones the preacher says he'll reconsider the Quran burning if plans are ditched to build an Islamic Center near Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan.

Greg writes in an e-mail:

Imam Muhammad Musri, the guy from the Islamic Society of Central Florida who met with [Pastor Terry] Jones yesterday —- is back today and waiting to meet with Jones again.  He says Jones told him that if the New York Imam calls off his plans to build the Islamic center near ground zero, he would consider calling off the Koran burning.  Musri said he came back today to offer to lobby the New York imam on Jones' behalf if he calls off the Koran burning. Musri says he himself opposes the NYC Islamic center project and that the two things—the Islamic center and the Koran burning have become linked in the public's mind...



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