NPR logo IAEA Can't Confirm All Iran's Nuclear Activity Is Peaceful


IAEA Can't Confirm All Iran's Nuclear Activity Is Peaceful

Yukiya Amano, Director General of the IAEA. JOE KLAMAR/Getty hide caption

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The UN's nuclear watchdog agency says since Iran won't work with its nuclear inspectors, the agency can't say with certainty that Iran's activities are entirely peaceful. Speaking at the start of the International Atomic Energy Agency's board meeting in Austria, chief Yukiya Amano repeated his agency's position that Iran is blocking full disclosure, most recently by revoking permits of IAEA inspectors and withholding key information. Iran continues to reject the criticism, saying the IAEA publishes unbalanced information.

Reports say Amano has named Herman Naeckarts to the post of deputy director general in charge of Safeguards. Naeckarts would succeed Olli Heinonen, who'd also criticized Iran for its lack of transparency. The IAEA's Safeguards department is responsible for verifying countries' nuclear claims.