If It's Tuesday, Somebody Somewhere Is Voting : The Two-Way Primary elections in seven states and DC; French expel Roma; hurricanes in Atlantic; missing film footage discovered.
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If It's Tuesday, Somebody Somewhere Is Voting

Seven states and the District of Columbia hold primary elections today and NPR's Ken Rudin 'splains it all on his Political Junkie podcast. The spotlight is on Delaware and New Hampshire, where Tea Party-backed candidates are bidding for Senate victories. Delaware Congressman Mike Castle is vying with Christine O'Donnell for the GOP nomination. In New Hampshire's Republican contest, former Attorney General Kelly Ayotte has former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's support but so does lawyer Ovide Lamontagne, who claims Tea Party support. Businessmen Bill Binnie and Jim Bender are also appealing for Republican support.

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A Roma walks in Fleury Merogis camp, south of Paris, Monday, Sept. 6, 2010. Christophe Ena/Associated Press hide caption

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Christophe Ena/Associated Press

That's according to the European Commission, which says the French government's explusion of illegal Roma migrants probably violates European Union law. French officials say they're sick and tired of getting badmouthed for properly enforcing French immigration laws, and until last weekend, France's immigration minister insisted the Roma were never specifically targeted. That's when a French government document surfaced in the media:

However, a leaked memo, dated 5 August 2010 and signed by the chief of staff for interior minister Brice Hortefeux, reminds French officials of a 'specific objective' set out by (French President Nicholas) Sarkozy.

'Three hundred camps or illegal settlements must be evacuated within three months; Roma camps are a priority,' the memo reads. 'It is down to the préfect [state representative] in each department to begin a systematic dismantling of the illegal camps, particularly those of the Roma.'

On Monday, France's Interior minister reissued the mystery directive without referencing the Roma. No explanation has been given.


NOAA satellite images of Hurricane Igor churning in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean while Julia gains strength off Africa. Handout/Getty hide caption

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The National Hurricane Center says Julia's top winds are near 75 miles per hour as it barrels across the Atlantic Ocean. It may get pushed further northward by Hurricane Igor, whose top winds are 135 miles per hour. Forecasters are warning Bermuda residents to be alert.


The newly discovered tapes feature actors Sean Connery, Maggie Smith and Derek Jacobi among others. They were apparently found by a researcher in the Library of Congress and donated to the British Film Institute, which will screen some of it later this fall. Here's the footage list. This isn't part of the discovered footage but heck, it's an excuse to show Sean Connery anyway!