NPR logo Police: Gunman Dead At Baltimore Hospital; 'Possible Murder Suicide'


Police: Gunman Dead At Baltimore Hospital; 'Possible Murder Suicide'

Update at 2:45 p.m. ET. You can scroll down and "read up" if you want to see how this story developed, but here's a quick summary:

— A little after 11 a.m. ET, a doctor was shot and injured at Johns Hopkins Hospital in East Baltimore.

— The gunman remained in the building. Initial reports that he had been captured proved to be untrue. Instead, he and another person — reported to be his mother — were said to be "barricaded" in an 8th floor room. Parts of the hospital were evacuated. Parts were put on "lockdown."

— Around 2 p.m., police said that the suspect was dead. So was the person with him, in an apparent murder suicide.

— The Baltimore Sun is reporting that the other person was the gunman's mother, who had been a patient at the hospital.

Update at 2:06 p.m. ET. Bear in mind that the situation is very fluid and reports have been at odds with each other the past few hours, but here's the latest  offical word from Baltimore, where earlier today a gunman shot a doctor at Johns Hopkins Hospital:

"Situation ended. Suspect not shot by police. Possible murder suicide. Detectives debriefing individuals." (Baltimore Police official Twitter feed)

Several media outlets in the city have been reporting that the person with the gunman while he was barricaded in a room at the medical center was a relative of the suspect.

Update at 2 p.m. ET: Johns Hopkins Hospital officials are now posting updates about what's going on at their East Baltimore medical center, where a doctor was shot this morning and the suspect hasn't yet been brought into custody.

Some of their latest posts on Twitter:

— "Shooter has been isolated."

— "The Johns Hopkins Hospital is not currently locked down, but visitors are being asked to stay out of the Nelson Building."

— "Police are reporting they are in control of the situation."

Update at 1 p.m. ET: Baltimore Police continue to post updates on the situation at Johns Hopkins Hospital, where a doctor was shot this morning and the suspect has yet to be subdued. The department's last two postings on Twitter:

— "Physician's wound considered non-life threatening and recovery expected."

— "Incident is isolated to one relatively small part of the Hospital. Persons who have business are encouraged to come."

Update at 12:30 p.m. ET: The situation has not yet been resolved at Johns Hopkins Hospital in East Baltimore, where this morning someone shot and wounded a doctor, police now tell local news outlets

The Baltimore Sun's Justin Fenton reports that "police told me a few moments ago that the suspect has not been subdued."

And Baltimore Police are saying the same on the department's Twitter page.

Our original post:

Suspect Caught After Doctor Is Shot At Baltimore Hospital

"A suspect in the shooting of a doctor at Johns Hopkins Hospital has been subdued and detained," WBFF FOX45 Baltimore reports.

Parts of the huge medical center in East Baltimore had been evacuated or on lockdown during the incident, which began about an hour ago with reports of shots fired on the eighth floor.

The Baltimore Sun's Justin Fenton followed developments on his Twitter page, and the cable news outlets went "live" with shots aerial shots from local affiliates' helicopters.

According to the Sun, the doctor is in critical condition. It will surely have much more on the story as the day continues.