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Strongest, Biggest Web In The World

Darwin's Bark spider web dwarfs park ranger in Madagascar. Matjaz Kuntner/national geographic hide caption

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Matjaz Kuntner/national geographic

Darwin's Bark Spider is small, less than an inch long. But, as researchers found in Madagascar, they make the largest web in the world.

I found this at National Geographic. It caused me to cancel any future, possible trips to Madagascar. The researcher who investigated the webs, Ingi Agnarsson of the University of Puerto Rico told the magazine the spider's silk is the strongest biological substance ever found:

"[It] is about the strength of steel but much, much tougher, because it also stretches. It's many times tougher than even Kevlar, which is one of the best man-made materials."

You can see Agnarsson's paper here.