Gigantic Emerald Has Its Day In Court

It sounds like a macguffin. Something out of a noir thriller.

In 2001 miners in Brazil dug up the Bahia Emerald. At 840 pounds, it weighs as much as a horse. It's one of the largest gemstones ever found.

Bahia Emerald

FILE - This 2008 file photo shows the so-called Bahia Emerald. Anonymous/Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department hide caption

toggle caption Anonymous/Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

And, as you can imagine, when a gem that big comes out of the ground, that's when the plot gets weird. Tony Thomas says he bought the gem for $60,000, bu was then told it was stolen. He claims so that it could be sold for more.

It's passed through numerous hands in the years since. Amazingly, in a move out of a movie, at one point it turned up in a flooded warehouse in New Orleans after Katrina. You just can't make this stuff up.

Anyway, as you can imagine, people have come out of the woodwork claiming ownership, and an army of lawyers has descended on a Los Angeles courtroom arguing that their client owns the 400 million dollar rock.



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