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One Homeless Guy, Two Kermits, Freddie Mercury, And David Bowie

Sometime you just happen onto something as it's going viral. It feels kind of like when you went to a show by that band, and they were great, and then a year later they're on the radio all the time, but you knew them before that and that just reinforces your sense of superiority to others because you knew them before it was cool.

Remember that breathless kind of feeling? Well, nowadays that lasts all of 45 minutes.

Anyway, the Daily What, which along with The Best Defense and Nightwatch, is something you should read everyday. Today they posted this video with a very simple tagline that I completely agree with.


Stop What You’re Doing And Watch The Hell Out Of This of the Day: The most moving lip dub of Queen and David Bowie’s “Under Pressure” performed by a homeless man holding two Kermit puppets you will see today, guaranteed.

Now, while I have no reason to believe the guy in the video isn't homeless, I have no proof that he is either. If he is, the first puppet show in town should hire him, if he's not, it's a moving piece of performance about homelessness. And you know what, it's been a rough couple of years out there and there are people on the street who never thought they'd end up there.

Remember, you knew about it first, here. Or if it doesn't go viral, you'll forget anyway as it recedes into the dimness of your internet meme addled memory. All your base are belong to us.