North Korean Succession Confirmed : The Two-Way It's official, a North Korean official says Kim Jong Un will be the next leader of North Korea. He will be the third generation of the same family to lead the country.
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North Korean Succession Confirmed

Kim Jong Un in an official photo released last week. Anonymous/Korean Central News Agency via Korea News Service hide caption

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Anonymous/Korean Central News Agency via Korea News Service

This is what we in the business call, news we all knew, but its news again because its official.

For the first time a North Korean official has confirmed that Kim Jong Un, the youngest son of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, will take over after his father dies. A North Korean official Yang Hyong Sop told the Associated Press:

"Our people take pride in the fact that they are blessed with great leaders from generation to generation," Yang said.

"Our people are honored to serve the great President Kim Il Sung and the great leader Kim Jong Il," he added. "Now we also have the honor of serving young Gen. Kim Jong Un."

Kim Jong Un was almost completely unknown outside of North Korea until last week, when he was given a slew of positions in the North Korean hierarchy and, for the first time, pictures of him were released. If the succession goes forward he'll be the third generation of the Kim family to rule the reclusive country.