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At New York City Four-Star Restaurant: Expensive Wine, Food And ... A Roach?!

If you're paying $98 for a three-course prix fixe dinner at Jean Georges, you wouldn't want to see — gasp! — a cockroach on your table.

Last night, that happened to one unlucky party, proving that no place — not even a four-star restaurant — is safe. Sam Sifton, restaurant critic for The New York Times, takes it from here:

The visitor's effect was immediate and terrible, said Lois Freedman, a spokeswoman for Mr. Vongerichten, who was not in the restaurant at the time. "A woman at the table screamed and the whole restaurant went quiet," she said.

What happened next?

Champagne was brought to the table of the woman who had screamed, Ms. Freedman said, and further treats after that: an additional course was added to the restaurant’s three-course, $98 prix fixe dinner, and desserts, and dessert wine. The restaurant’s captain kept a close eye on the table. At least one other table received a round of free drinks as a way of thanking them for their forbearance.

"It's always awkward," said Ms. Freedman. "You don’t want another mistake to happen. You don’t want them to wait. You want the food to be perfect."



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