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Mayor Resigns After Arrest For Stealing Purse, Assault

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San Gabriel Police

Days after being arrested on suspicion of assault and robbery, San Gabriel Mayor Albert Huang has resigned. Police arrested him Friday, after an argument in a parking lot morphed into a wild ride through the streets of San Gabriel, a suburban town in Southern California.

As the AP reports:

Investigators say the 35-year-old mayor and a woman were squabbling outside a restaurant on Friday when Huang fled in his SUV with her purse and the woman clinging to the side of the vehicle. Speeds reached 45 mph over more than a quarter-mile before the SUV stopped.

Huang's attorneys did most of the talking; the former mayor read from a letter he had prepared for the occasion. Huang became emotional and left the news conference early in tears, according to Corey Moore of member station KPCC.

The resigned mayor said he will focus on his case; he faces charges of felony assault, felony robbery and misdemeanor battery. Huang maintains he is innocent.

According to The Daily Mail, Huang said, "As a public official and a former Boy Scout, I hold myself to the highest standard of conduct." He referred to the incident as "a great misunderstanding between friends.

Huang, who was elected mayor in March, also said that he's done a lot for the city while in office.