Bin Laden Threatens France : The Two-Way Osama Bin Laden called on France to withdraw from Afghanistan, and said "as you kill, you will be killed." He also blasted France for banning the full face veil in public.
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Bin Laden Threatens France

A grab taken from an AFP video shows a photo of Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden and a blurred picture of what appears to be policemen pulling off a woman's veil to reveal her hair, in a new audio message for Bin Laden that was produced by Al-Qaeda's media arm As-Sahab and aired on October 27, 2010.  -/DSK/Getty hide caption

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In a tape broadcast on Al Jazeera Osama bin Laden threatened France explicitly and took credit for the kidnapping of five French citizens in Niger last month. He called on the French government to withdraw from Afghanistan.

"The equation is very clear and simple: as you kill, you will be killed; as you take others hostages, you will be taken hostages; as you waste our security we will waste you waste your security."

He also criticized the French ban on the veil. The French parliament passed a law recently forbidding wearing a full face veil in public.

"If you unjustly thought that it is your right to prevent free Muslim women from wearing the face veil, is it not our right to expel your invading men and cut their necks?"

France has raised its security in recent weeks after intelligence reports pointed at a possible terrorist attack there.