NPR logo Kabul By Skateboard: A Love Story Amid Destruction

Kabul By Skateboard: A Love Story Amid Destruction

Wired's Playbook blog points us to a wonderful, short documentary about Kabul's first skatepark, Skateistan. Filmmaker Orlando von Einsiedel takes his time to juxtapose the simplicity and the innocence of skateboarding with the rugged, war-torn landscape of Kabul.

He introduces us to Murza, a 17-year-old boy, yearning for peace and so in love with skateboarding that when he can't skate, he says, he becomes "ill."

Einsiedel talks to Fazila, a 12-year-old girl whose family can't afford food and whose dad doesn't approve of her skating. But, she says, "When I am at Skateistan, I don't feel that my surroundings are ruined."


The USA Today reports the park was founded in 2007.

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