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Why Is It That Celeb News Site TMZ Lands All The Scoops?

Allan Parachini talks to the media about Paris Hilton's case.  Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

It's been a question many media watchers have asked: How is it that the scrappy celeb site manages to scoop all the major news organizations on seemingly every important celebrity news item in the past few years.

Well, the Los Angeles Superior Court seems to be pointing the finger at Allan Parachini, the court's former spokesman.

Los Angeles Times reports Parachini said that in an Oct. meeting, the court's executive officer told him they thought he was a TMZ plant, that "administrators had lost confidence in him because of a perception that he was passing privileged materials to TMZ."

The charges came after Parachini hired Vania Stuelp, a former TMZ reporter, as his deputy. After she lost her job because of budget cuts, Stuelp returned to work at TMZ.

Parachini, a former journalist who worked for the L.A. Times, tells the paper that these are all lies. The real reason he was fired, he said, was because he didn't agree with the department's habit of withholding information that he believed was public.

TMZ did not comment.