NPR logo Bank Of America Stock Steadies After WikiLeaks-Related Drop


Bank Of America Stock Steadies After WikiLeaks-Related Drop

One day after dropping a bit more than 3% on talk that it may be the next target of a WikiLeaks' documents dump, stock in Bank of America Corp. has recovered some from that loss. At this moment, shares are up about 1% for the day.

As the Charlotte Observer reports, the bank:

"Said Tuesday that it has 'no evidence' that the organization known for revealing U.S. defense secrets has possession of one of its executives' hard drives. But interviews with WikiLeaks' founder suggested otherwise, sending the bank's shares to a 52-week low."

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange told Forbes that early next year he'll have a "megaleak" about an American bank. And last year, he said WikiLeaks was "sitting on 5GB from Bank of America, one of the executive's hard drives."

As we reported earlier, Assange is the subject of an Interpol red alert because Swedish authorities want to question him again about accusations (which he denies) involving a possible rape.