Update: Burning Of California 'Bomb Factory' To Go Ahead Thursday : The Two-Way The attorney for suspected bomb-maker George Jakubec says there may be evidence inside that will help his client mount a defense. Authorities say it's too dangerous to remove the materials, however. A judge says go ahead with the demolition.
NPR logo Update: Burning Of California 'Bomb Factory' To Go Ahead Thursday

Update: Burning Of California 'Bomb Factory' To Go Ahead Thursday

Update at 4:45 p.m. ET: "A federal judge denied George Jakubec's request to suspend plans to burn down his North County house, which is scheduled to be destroyed Thursday morning," the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

So, it adds:

"Plans are still on track to set fire to the home authorities say is filled with explosive chemicals about 9 a.m. Thursday."

That's noon ET.

Our original post: "Burning Of California 'Bomb Factory' May Be Delayed."

Thursday's scheduled burning of an Escondido, Calif., home that authorities say contains the biggest cache of homemade explosives and related materials ever found in the United States may be postponed.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that "the lawyer for accused bomb maker George Jakubec ... has asked a federal judge to stop the demolition plans. The request is scheduled to be heard at noon today in downtown San Diego."

We posted last week about what authorities say they've found in the home Jakubec was renting — and the news that officials think it's too dangerous to try to remove all the evidence. So, they're planning to burn the place down instead. In preparation, a high wall has been built around the scene and other precautions have been prepared. The neighborhood will be evacuated if the plan to burn the place goes ahead, and part of the nearby Interstate-15 will be temporarily closed.

Jakubec's lawyer contends that there may be documents and other evidence inside that will aid in his client's defense.