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McDonald's Loses Customer Information In Database Breach

A McDonald's sign.
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The Hamburglar didn't do it, but someone has broken into a database containing the personal information of McDonald's customers.

The fast-food behemoth is alerting people who have submitted personal information to its websites that their data may have been compromised. According to a FAQ McDonald's posted on the incident:

The information contained in the database is limited to your email address and potentially also your name, postal address, home or cell phone number, birth date, gender, and certain information about your promotional preferences or web information interests.

The company says that credit card and Social Security information was not lost when hackers broke into the computers of another company hired to help McDonald's handle online relationships with its customers.

According to the FAQ, the company sites affected by the hack were:

This issue is specifically related to the database when you elected to submit information or subscribe to McDonald’s during an online promotion or through one of McDonald’s websites such as those at,,,,,,, or

In a statement released Monday, McDonald's did not name the company that lost the information, say when the loss took place or reveal how many user accounts were affected.

News of the McDonald's breach comes the same week that Gawker Media admitted that its database of users was compromised in an attack.