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Florida School Board Meeting Ends In Gunfire

UPDATE 6:25 p.m. ET: The AP is now reporting that the gunman shot himself. Earlier reports (below) said that a school district employee had shot the gunman. From the AP:

Panama City Police Sgt. Jeff Becker says after reviewing video footage of Tuesday's shooting, the gunman fatally shot himself.

Our original report on the shooting:

A man who allegedly pulled a gun out at a school board meeting in Florida was himself shot and killed by the school district's safety manager on Tuesday.

The AP reports:

District spokeswoman Karen Tucker says former police officer Mike Jones shot the man as he confronted the Bay District School Board members during Tuesday's meeting in Panama City. She says Jones is also a former board member.

The News Herald in Panama City, Florida, published eye-witness accounts of the shooting on its website. Reporter Daniel Carson told the paper that an unidentified man walked to the podium during the meeting:

"He pulls out a can of red spray paint, muttered something like 'you're a bunch of assholes' to school board ... and draws on the wall a red circle with 'v' through it. He pulls out this gun that turned out to be a cap gun, I think, and he started talking to the school board and told everyone to clear the room except the men on the school board."


"We kept peeking in to make sure he hadn't killed the entire school board. We closed the door, and I heard two pops. Mike Jones must have entered from another door inside the building and shot the guy."

Carson told the paper that the police then entered the room, as Jones was being consoled and lead away from the scene.

Other accounts and updates on the story are available on the News Herald site.