NPR logo Report: Air Force Blocks Access To WikiLeaks-Related Sites


Report: Air Force Blocks Access To WikiLeaks-Related Sites

The United States Air Force has reportedly started blocking access to websites containing material from WikiLeaks' disclosure of confidential U.S. government documents. Reuters is reporting that sites such as The New York Times and The Guardian have been blocked from access by Air Force computers:

Major Toni Tones, a spokesperson at Air Force Space Command in Colorado, said the command blocked at least 25 websites that have posted WikiLeaks documents.

The Reuters report did not immediately make it clear if the block covered all computers on all Air Force networks, or just those attached to the Space Command's network.

At the same time, the AP is reporting that the Berkeley, California, city council is considering a resolution voicing support for Bradley Manning, the soldier who allegedly provided the trove of American documents to WikiLeaks. Manning — who is being held in a military jail in Virginia — was previously praised by part of the council for exposing "war crimes" in Iraq.

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