NPR logo Senate Begins Tax Debate; Congress Has 'Many Big Bills, Too Little Time'


Senate Begins Tax Debate; Congress Has 'Many Big Bills, Too Little Time'

As the Senate gets going on the last few procedural steps before this afternoon's expected vote on the tax deal worked out by the White House and Congressional Republicans, Frank explains over at It's All Politics just what Congress has on its plate as lawmakers try to wrap up some important work before taking off for the Christmas/New Year's holiday.

If you're so inclined, C-SPAN's webcast of the action in the Senate is here.

It looks like things could get slowed down, though, Frank says. Sen. Jim DeMint, R-SC, plans to demand that both the New START (nuclear arms) treaty with Russia and a $1.1 trillion spending bill be read in full. That would take hours.

The White House accuses DeMint of wasting time with those readings. Spokesman Robert Gibbs issued a statement saying the treaty "has been available to every member of the Senate and the public for more than eight months. ... It is the height of hypocrisy to complain that there is not enough time to consider this treaty, while wasting so much time reading aloud a document that was submitted to the Senate months ago."



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