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Senate OKs Tax Deal

By an 81-19 vote, the Senate just approved the tax and jobless benefits package put together by President Obama and Congressional Republicans.

The legislation now goes to the House, where some Democrats have vowed to push hard for changes — particularly in the estate tax, which they believe has been set too low. As NPR's David Welna reported earlier today on Morning Edition:

"House majority leader Steny Hoyer told reporters there's much consternation in the House about the proposal's estate tax provision. House Democrats, he said, find it too generous to the wealthy and prefer the farther reaching plan that the House approved last year. Hoyer indicated House Democrats will seek to substitute their provision for the one President Obama agreed on with Republicans.

"The question is whether modifying the estate tax provision in the House might cause the whole deal to unravel. Such a change would require Senate approval as well, and Republicans there say it could prove a deal breaker."