NPR logo Brother: Lee Harvey Oswald Coffin Should Have Been Destroyed


Brother: Lee Harvey Oswald Coffin Should Have Been Destroyed

The coffin that first held presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald should have been destroyed, not auctioned, Oswald's brother Robert said Monday.

Robert L. Oswald, 76, said he didn't know the coffin still existed until he read about its sale at a California auction house. The coffin was sold for $87,469 at auction on Thursday.

Oswald said he bought the coffin in 1963 and had not given anyone the authority to do anything with it. Lee Harvey Oswald's body was exhumed by the government in 1981 and then re-buried in a new coffin.

Auction house spokesman Sam Heller told the AP he was unaware of any ownership dispute. Oswald said he had tried to contact the funeral home that was in possession of the coffin and the auction house selling it to stop the sale.



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