NPR logo East Coast Blizzard, West Coast Dry (For Now)


East Coast Blizzard, West Coast Dry (For Now)

It's a post-Christmas storm that many Easterners don't expect to see until January. The National Weather Service posted blizzard warnings from the mid-Atlantic up to Maine, while winter storm warnings are posted as far down as North Carolina. Thousands of people are stuck in airports or waiting to catch trains.

Here's the FAA's web site to check flight status.

Amtrak has suspended service between New York and Boston. Here's the link to check train status.

The blizzard is so intense it's even triggered 'thunder snow' in Manhattan (HT 2010 #NYC Snowstorm, Storify).


And we'll have Tuesday Night Football for the first time since late 1946: the NFL postponed the Philadelphia Eagles-Minnesota Vikings game from Sunday until tomorrow so Philly fans can reach the stadium safely. The AP caught Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell fuming, saying legendary coach Vince Lombardi would be 'mocking us'.


Allen Amparan carries Christmas presents from his home after flooding December 23, 2010 in Highland, California. Eric Thayer/Getty Images hide caption

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Eleven counties received disaster declarations tied to last week's torrential rain and flooding. The Los Angeles Times estimates the damage could top $60 million dollars. The NWS predicts another storm starting tomorrow could pour another half inch on the bedraggled region, with higher elevations getting snow.