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January Is Cold And Cold Hearted

New year's resolutions are usually dominated by vows to stop smoking and promises to lose weight. The Huffington Post points to one more thing on people's minds: Couples file for divorce in January more than they do any other time of year.

They talked to divorce lawyers who said they take the last two weeks of the year off to get ready for the onslaught in January. The rush extends across the pond, where the Legal Services Commission pin points the exact day when divorce filings peak: It's "the first Monday after the kids return to school."

The reason isn't at all surprising:

[Cathy] Meyer, [a certified divorce consultant] believes there are a multitude of reasons people wait until January, but notes that the decision is especially common in families with children. "What I hear from my clients is that they were struggling with the marriage before the holiday season. If they have children, the holidays are supposed to be a magical time, so they commit to giving the kids one last happy holiday as an intact family.