Mississippi's Scott Sisters Released : The Two-Way Imprisoned for 16 years for an armed robbery that netted an estimated $11, they drew support from civil rights activists across the nation. Now, one sister is set to donate a kidney to the other.
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Mississippi's Scott Sisters Released

The Scott sisters, whose case became a national cause for civil rights activists, were released from a Mississippi prison this morning, the Associated Press reports.

As we said last month, Jamie and Gladys Scott had been incarcerated since 1994 for their roles in an armed robbery that their supporters say netted $11. Civil rights activists took up their cause, and Republican Gov. Haley Barbour decided in December to release them. One condition: That 35-year-old Gladys follow through on her offer to donate a kidney (provided that doctors say it's safe for her to do so) to 38-year-old Jamie, who needs regular dialysis.ed on the condition that one donates a kidney to the other have been released from a Mississippi prison.

Mississippi's Clarion Ledger has much more on the sisters' case.