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Ringing Crocodile Sick From Cell Phone

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It was going to be a great photo. Now it's a great big headache.

A visitor to an aquarium in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, was leaning over to snap a picture of Gena the crocodile when the camera-phone she was using slipped out of her hands. It wasn't long before it was in Gena's stomach. Confirmation came when the phone was heard ringing from within the crocodile. Now the 14-year-old reptile is facing a rocky road to recovery, as the AP reports:

Dnipropetrovsk chief veterinarian Oleksandr Shushlenko said the crocodile will be taken for an X-ray next week if he continues to refuse food. Surgically removing the phone would be a last resort, he said, since incisions and stitches usually take at least three weeks to heal in reptiles and the procedure is dangerous for the animal and the vets.