NPR logo Vice President Biden Responds To Call For Jury Duty In Delaware


Vice President Biden Responds To Call For Jury Duty In Delaware

Vice President Joe Biden showed up this morning at the New Castle County courthouse in Delaware to report for jury duty.

The VP, accompanied to the courthouse by aides and Secret Service agents, waited in a holding room with other prospective jurors to see if he would be picked.

A report in The News Journal newspaper describes the scene:

Biden, dressed in a suit, sat in the center of the room during the talk mixed in with other members of the jury pool.

Monday is generally when criminal Court of Common Pleas cases start, so if Biden were to be seated, he likely would be hearing a misdemeanor case, which generally only lasts a day or two.

Biden said that he didn't consider himself "different than any other person" and that it was "an honor to be part of the system."

President Barack Obama has also been called for jury duty while in office, but has told the court that he couldn't make it.

Update at 2:50 p.m. ET: The AP reports that Biden, along with other prospective jurors, was dismissed shortly after noon.



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