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Study: Watching The Super Bowl Can (Literally) Give You A Heart Attack

Yes, we've all been heartbroken when watching a sports match. But the New Scientist reports on an interesting study that found that heart attacks increase when games are nail-biters:

Robert Kloner, a cardiologist at the University of Southern California, analysed cardiac deaths in Los Angeles county during two Super Bowls: an intense 1980 match in which the much-loved Los Angeles Rams lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California and a more predictable 1984 game in which the Los Angeles Raiders gained an early lead and defeated the Washington Redskins in Tampa, Florida.

Kloner and his colleagues found that deaths due to heart failure in Los Angeles rose during the 1980 Super Bowl for both men and women - and especially for people over 65.

The New Scientist also points out that we often think that injuries only come as a result of playing a sport, but we don't pay much attention to how "watching sports can curse the body by enchanting the mind."

So think about that when you watch the Super Bowl this Sunday.