NPR logo 'Golden Voiced' Ted Williams Says Recent Troubles Are 'Behind Me'


'Golden Voiced' Ted Williams Says Recent Troubles Are 'Behind Me'

Here's a quick update on Ted Williams, who in January went in just a few days from living on the streets of Columbus, Ohio, to national fame thanks to a local newspaper's video report that showcased his deep, radio-friendly voice.

After reports in recent weeks of a fight with one of his adult children, an appearance on Dr. Phil and a brief stay in a rehab facility, Williams told CBS News' The Early Show this morning that he's working on staying away from drugs and alcohol by living in a "clean and sober" home in Los Angeles. He's staying there with other golden-voiced professionals who do voice-overs, Williams said.

Relapses and family fights are "behind me," Williams vowed.

"God has truly blessed me," Williams added, and he's also committed to working with a "Ted Williams Second Chance Foundation" that's been created in Columbus.