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Science And Love: Quick (And Tested) Tips To Land A Date

Before the day gets away from us, I wanted to point you to a story that caught my eye on the subject of Valentine's Day. The Guardian does an incredible amount of heavy lifting and manages to cull seven scientifically-tested tips that will help you in your love life. Here's one John Cusack knows well:

Tip #3: Select your tunes wisely

In an experiment conducted by French psychologists, 18-20 year old single women listened to music while they were ostensibly waiting for the experiment to start. Five minutes later, they interacted with a young male participant while completing a marketing survey.

In reality, the experiment started as soon as the women began listening to the music, which either included romantic or neutral lyrics. Then, following the marketing survey, the male participant, who was really one of the experimenters, asked the woman for her phone number. As you might expect, the women who had previously listened to romantic lyrics were more likely to give out their numbers than those who had listened to neutral songs.

The Guardian also points to a rather simple one: Wear red. Several studies have found that men and women prefer others who wear red.