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Civic Association Accidentally Elects Dog As President

The Washington Post tells the story of Ms. Beatha Lee, who was elected to be the next president of the Hillbrook/Tall Oaks Civic Association in Annandale, Virginia. It's a story of community politics and a touch of intrigue, so make sure to click over, but here is the gist:

This past election, to make the meeting move faster, only the names and qualifications of the candidates were announced. Running for president, Ms. Beatha Lee was described as a relatively new resident, interested in neighborhood activities and the outdoors, who had experience in Maine overseeing an estate of 26 acres.

Though unfamiliar with Lee's name, the crowd of about 50 or so raised their hands, assuming that the candidate was a civic-minded newcomer. These days, it's hard to get anyone to volunteer to devote the time needed to serve as an officer. The slate that Lee headed was unanimously elected. Everyone ate ice cream, watched a karate demonstration and went home.

Weeks later, they discovered that Lee was in fact a dirty-white Wheaten terrier.